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Table of content ek list he joh apki posts keh headings koh ek jagah list karte heh, jisse apki website keh SEO and readers koh kafi benefit milta heh.

Table of Content {TOC} apke post keh H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 koh scan karke automatically banta heh. Yeh list apko quick scroll karne ki facility deta heh. Jisse aap jump kar sakte heh post keh ek section seh dusre section meh.

Table of content koh add karne keh liye, apko WP-Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search -> Lucky table of Content koh Install and activate karna heh. Uske baad apko post meh jaah kar, table of content kah block koh add karne heh. TOC automatically apke heading us post kah read kar lega aur ek table of content bana dega.

Table of Content kaise Add Kare

Table of content add karne keh liye apko sabse pehle WOrdPress Admin meh login karna hoga. Login karne keh baad apko WP-Admin -> plugins -> Add New -> Search -> Lucky Table of Content koh search karna heh aur uske baad Install button par click karna heh.

Install ho jane keh baad, Activate button par click karna heh.

Activate click karte hi, TOC install ho chuka heh aur use karne keh liye ready heh.

Table of Content Koh Post Meh Kaise Add Kare

Table of Content koh post meh add karne keh liye 2 option heh.

  1. Manual
  2. Automattic

Manual Options

Manual add karne keh liye apko TOC kah shortcode use karna hoga. WordPress Gutenburg meh apko block mil jata heh. TOC kah block par click karke aap add kar sakte heh.

Agar app Gutenburg editor use nahi karte toh koi problem nahi. Classic editor meh aap shortcode add kar sakte heh. Shortcode TOC kah esa hoga ” [TOC] “.

Automattic Options

Yeh options tavi use kare agar apke blog meh bohot sare post heh. Kyuki sare post meh aap maually TOC koh add toh nahi kar sakte.

TOC koh automatically add karne keh liye, TOC keh settings meh jaye aur Auto insert koh ON kar deh. Auto insert meh app yeh edit kar sakte heh ki woh kitna paragraph keh baad automatically add ho jayega.

Table of Content Kah Settings Kaise Kare

the settings of the table of content is very easy. It options are pre-filled and you don’t need to edit or change it. But if you want to change it then here is the details.

  1. Position: Iska matlab TOC kah widget kaha appear hoga. By default TOC 1st paragraph meh appear hoga.
  2. Show When: Is settings seh app TOC koh control kar sakte heh, taki woh chote posts meh appear ho yah naa ho.
  3. Auto Insert: Automatically TOC koh sare post meh add karne keh liye.
  4. Heading text: The heading for the table of content
  5. Show Hierarchy: Yeh settings seh aap heading and sub-heading structure koh alag kar sakte heh.
  6. Number list item: Is option seh aap TOC koh number listing format meh show kar sakte heh. Jaise Avi yeh List heh
  7. Enable smooth scroll effect: Yeh settings seh aap ek section seh dusre section meh ek smooth scroll karke jaa sakte heh.
  8. Width: TOC kah width koh contol karne keh liye yeh option use kar sakte heh. By default Auto.
  9. Wrapping: This allows you to display the table box either on the left or right.
  10. Font Size: TOC kah font size koh manually contol karne keh liye.
  11. Advanced: TOC kah advenced settings jaise custom CSS, Lowercase, uppercase, etc koh yaha control kar sakte heh.


Toh ab apko Table of Content add karna aah gaya hoga. Agar apko koi v doubt heh toh aap mujse comment section meh puch sakte heh.

Yah aap mujse Facebook, Instagram yah YouTube meh v connect kar sakte heh.

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